Stephanie + Callum | Wedding | The Cabildo | New Orleans

Stephanie + Callum | Wedding | The Cabildo | New Orleans

Stephanie & Callum’s wedding at the Cabildo in New Orleans was amazing!
Stephanie told us a little about how it all began.

The early days…
It’s a chilly February morning in 2014. Callum, a wide-eyed intern is settling into his workday at the Procter & Gamble office in London with a fresh cup of coffee. Stephanie, slightly jet-lagged after a long trip from Cincinnati, but eager to dive into her new international assignment in the UK, is led over to Callum’s desk by her manager. “Would you mind taking Stephanie to lunch and helping her get to know everyone?”. They clicked immediately and spent the summer exploring London as close friends, even sneaking out of work a little early one afternoon to catch a tennis match together at Wimbledon. The summer went by too quickly, and before long they were saying their farewells. Callum moved home to Glasgow, Scotland and shortly afterwards Stephanie returned to Cincinnati, US. But that wasn’t the end of their story…

Finally a couple…
Fast forward 3 years, Stephanie has traded the calm of the Midwest for the buzz of Manhattan. Meanwhile, Callum is living in Germany and making semi-regular business trips to the New York City area. They agree to meet up for dinner to catch-up, and despite Callum overestimating the efficiency of the NYC subway system and arriving nearly an hour late, Stephanie is excited to see him and greets him without complaint. They pick up exactly where they left off, enjoying each other’s company, and promising to meet up whenever they find themselves in the same city again.

Stephanie makes the tough decision to pack up her life in New York City and pursue an MBA in Chicago. In fate or coincidence, Callum is offered a job in St. Louis which he quickly accepts, bringing them a mere 300 miles apart – the closest they’ve lived since that summer in London a few years earlier. After a Bull’s game together in Chicago, and a trip to see the Christmas lights together in St. Louis, they’re officially a couple. The two spend a year together dating remotely, rarely missing a nightly Facetime call to catch up on the events of the day, or an opportunity to make the drive on I-55 to spend a free weekend together in-person. The find themselves making plans together, hoping for a day when life allows them to live together in the same city.
Building a life together

In 2019, they get their wish! Stephanie and Callum move into an apartment together in New Jersey and quickly settle into a routine together. Despite the odd disagreement over TV rights in the evenings, they’ve loved every minute of their 2 years living together. They both share a passion for getting out of their comfort zones and experiencing new things; from pre-dawn hikes in National Parks, and ice fishing in sub-zero temperatures, to jet-skiing through slot canyons. They’ve explored 19 US states and 7 countries together and are always planning the next trip.

Callum proposes during a private wine tasting on a trip to Napa Valley in October 2020 and they’ve been happily celebrating their engagement ever since!

They’re both incredibly excited to celebrate their wedding with family and friends in New Orleans!
Key Vendor Team /
Coordinator | Iris and Oak Events
Photography | Catherine Guidry
Venue | The Cabildo
Venue | Marche’
Hotel | Windsor Court Hotel
Entertainment | Got Groove
Bakery | Gambino’s
Florist | Duia & Jean

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