Wedding at Squire Creek in Ruston with Michelle & Jacob

Here is the highlight we did of Michelle & Jacob’s wedding. They were married Feburary 4th 2012 in Ruston Louisiana at the Squire Creek Country Club. It was a long drive but I got 30 miles to the gallon in our new 2012 Ford Edge with Eco-Boost engine. What more could I ask for? It drives like a dream, gets great gas mileage and holds all of our gear.

2 Responses

  1. Congratulations Michelle & Jacob!!! Your wedding was one of the most beautiful and spectacular weddings ever!!! A PERFECT evening!!!

    May God bless you always with His love, joy, peace and presence!!!

    Love you –
    The Dwyer’s

  2. My daughter is getting married in 2013. We are having the wedding in Ruston, we have not decided on a location. This is beautiful. Please get in touch with me. We need a promoter .

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