Mary Kate and Brandon’s Wedding at Race and Religious in New Orleans


Race and Religious Wedding of Mary Kate and Brandon in New Orleans Louisiana

We love filming weddings at Race and Religious because it is such a unique place with lots of history. There is a big pool right in the middle of the courtyard, and when we found out what they had planned, we knew it was going to be a fun night!

We love to hear how couples met each other and what brought them to this point. The great lengths that Brandon went through to propose is pretty amazing. Here is the story in her words.
“I scheduled a trip to Buffalo to swap cars with my dad at the beginning of October 2018. Brandon was planning on staying home in Virginia to watch our dog, so I’d have to make the 7-hour trip by myself. That Friday, I left work (after a surprise arrival from my mom, who would make the drive with me) and headed home to Buffalo. The next day, my brother and I had planned to go to see an art exhibit at the Albright-Knox art gallery. We arrived around lunchtime and took our time wandering around the gallery. Before leaving, my brother suggested that he and I take a walk around Hoyt Lake, located behind the gallery. We made our way outside and noticed a wedding taking place at the Marcy Casino (situated right on Hoyt Lake). We made comments about the wedding that was taking place, music that was playing, and the multiple photographers that were taking pictures of the wedding party. As we circled around the lake, I noticed Brandon standing on a small hill. As I approached, my brother grabbed his camera (he’s an amateur photographer) and began snapping photos. That’s when Brandon proposed – I was so surprised! It was so wonderful to have such an intimate moment with Brandon and to have it documented by my brother.
The best part of the story is how much planning went into getting Brandon to Buffalo. The night before (Friday) Brandon spent 5 hours in the car driving our dog, Bella, to his parent’s house. He enlisted our neighbor to snag our Blue Apron box from our the porch to keep the food cold. He got up early Saturday, had a bad run-in with an Uber driver, and hopped on a plane. My parents picked him up from the airport, they snagged lunch, and Brandon found a florist on their way from the airport to Hoyt Lake where he could buy rose petals.”

Vendor Love//
Planning & Design | Lonney Jane Productions
Photography | September Company
Venue | Race and Religious
Florist | Thistle & Co.
Bakery | Sweet Life Bakery
Catering | Black Pearl Catering
Entertainment | Music Source Media

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