Kiren + Paul | Multicultural Wedding | Sikh | Persian

Kiren + Paul | A Multicultural Wedding | Baton Rouge

Kiren + Paul | A Multi-Cultural Wedding in Baton Rouge
We love love love this couple! Both families were so warm and welcoming to us, everyone was full of energy. Paul and Kiren are funny and amazing people, we are so happy for them!
In Paul’s words…
“The first thing Kiren ever said to me was, “What did the nosy pepper do? GET JALAPEÑO BIZZNAZZ! For those of you who don’t know, Kiren and I met online almost 3 years ago.
After about a week of talking on the phone, we met up for dinner at the Marietta Square. It’s this area with a bunch of restaurants and bars so I thought it was a good place to go. I was kinda winging it so as we were walking around I just picked a random restaurant to eat at. This turned out to be the crappiest restaurant for a first date ever.
They served us with styrofoam cups and paper plates. Definitely not what I expected. To make it even worse, I was looking to buy a house at the time, so I had moved all of my stuff into a storage unit and was renting a room on Airbnb until I found a house to buy.
So here we are in this crappy restaurant eating on paper plates as I explain to Kiren that I live in an Airbnb but I’m not a complete bum.
But she stuck with me and here we are almost 3 years later at this magnificent wedding.”
Key Vendor Team /
Event Coordinator | Anila Keswani
Photography | Brian K. Crain
Venue | Crowne Plaza Baton Rouge
Entertainment | DJ Impact
Bakery | Ambrosia
Florist | Billy Heroman’s
Dhol | Jupji Singh
Ceremony | Sikh
Ceremony | Persian

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