Court of Two Sisters Wedding – A New Orleans Destination Wedding

Carmen and Chelsey – Wedding at Court of Two Sisters

Carmen and Chelsey’s Elegant wedding at the Court of Two Sisters

“My mom told me to marry the kindest person I have ever met, and I know without a doubt that I am doing that today.”

Wow. Hands down, this is one of my favorite words of advice that I have heard at a wedding.


When Carmen moved from Alabama to New York, she would often see Chelsey out in the queer “scene.” They were both dating other people, and Carmen dismissed any attraction she had by thinking Chelsey was too cool for her, with her bleached blonde hair and motorcycle. (Chelsey insists that it was not a motorcycle, it was a moped.)

Carmen later moved to D.C. for law school, but she would still see Chelsey when she visited NYC because, luckily, they share a best friend. She quickly found out that Chelsey was not nearly as intimidating as she thought, but instead, she actually was a nerdy accountant.

When they were both single, Carmen took a chance and invited Chelsey to Georgetown Law’s Barrister’s Ball. It went well, and they dated long distance from NYC-DC for the next few years. After Carmen graduated from Law School, she and Chelsey closed the gap and moved together to Birmingham, AL, Carmen’s home state. Fortunately, Chelsey fell right into place there and fell in love with the absolute magic of a community brought together by queer folks in the south. It was here that she decided to propose to Carmen.

A friend in California was making a documentary about the LGBTQ women-centric group that Carmen has been helping build in Birmingham (Shout out to “The Bevy!” @thebhambevy). After Carmen’s interview, the film crew asked to get some shots of her and Chelsey together. It was during this B-roll filming that Chelsey got down on one knee and asked Carmen to marry her. Chelsey had also surprised Carmen by having all of their family and friends from all over the country waiting just around the corner, ready to celebrate their engagement.

Vendor Love//
Event Coordinator | Brooke Casey Weddings
Photography | Hanna Pickle
Venue | Court of Two Sisters
Entertainment | The Mixed Nuts
Bakery | La Louisiane
Florist | Antigua
Hair | Mel Hammons
Makeup | Marlaine Reiner
Second Line | Kinfolk Brass Band

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