Emma and Connor’s Capitol Park Museum Wedding was a storybook event!


Capitol Park Museum Wedding. Baton Rouge, LA.

Emma and Connor’s Capitol Park Museum wedding in Baton Rouge was definitely one of the most fun events we had this year. The weather turned out great, D Play band was out of the box and Kate Cook went above and beyond with the decor. They are truly wonderful people and know how to throw a party! It was quite the celebration from beginning to end and a wonderful start to the future!

In her words.
“Connor and I met on the first day of seventh grade at Dutchtown Middle. I eagerly went home to tell my mom about the cute new kid who was in my class. Con thought I was loud and invasive but that didn’t stop him from wanting to be my friend hehe. High school rolls around and more importantly, homecoming. One day after school Connor was telling me that the girl he was planning on asking had been asked by someone else. On the outside, I am telling him how sorry I am, but in my head, I am thinking HELLO PICK ME PLZ SIR I WILL GO. Thankfully Maddie Kelly told Con I would be a “good date because I was tall” so he ended up asking me. Somewhere in the next two weeks, Connor texted me that he “like-liked” me (THANK GOD I no longer had to keep my not so secret feelings a secret). So, one week before homecoming after a D-Town football game (Who ya wit?) con walked me home and awkwardly asked me to be his girlfriend. I (more) awkwardly giggled and said yes. Fourteen-year-old Emma was living the dream.

After College, Connor and I moved to Houston and I, not so patiently, waited for him to propose to me over the next year. The proposal was a multi-layered plan that included all of our friends, a fake 4 of July party (“the reason everyone was in town”), and a fake white linen brunch with Mrs. Pauline. The talk of the party went on for 2 months. I had large red, white, and blue plans and my friends egged me on. When the weekend came, Mrs. Pauline asked me to accompany her at a charity brunch on the morning of the alleged party. Much to my surprise, there was no brunch. Con picked me up in the lobby of the museum and walked me through the gardens and explained that there was no 4 of July party and that everyone had been lying to me. Finally, we stopped walking and my 7 grade best friend asked me to marry him. (Best part is that he tried to put the ring on my right hand). To top it all off Connor with the help of our friends and parents, had a party to celebrate that night.”

Vendor Love//
Planning & Design | KBCook Weddings
Photography | Angela Janette Photography
Venue | Capitol Park Museum Baton Rouge, LA.
Rehearsal Dinner | The Loft at Cecelia
Florist | Billy Heromans
Bakery | Fairy Dust Cakes
Entertainment | D Play

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