Maegan + Logan | Wedding | The Civic Theatre | New Orleans

Maegan + Logan | Wedding | St. Stephens Church | The Civic Theatre | New Orleans

Wow! Maegan & Logan’s gorgeous wedding at St. Stephen’s Church and the Civic Theatre in New Orleans was spectacular!
Logan told us a little about how it all began. We love this..

So you want to know how our love story started. Well, I can tell you it wasn’t in a pumpkin patch. We didn’t bump into each other making a corner in a public place where she then spilled her coffee on me. Our dogs didn’t pull us towards each other at the dog park and it certainly wasn’t in the pouring rain while we shared a long kiss and confessed said love. No, I’ll leave all those scenarios for the writers at Hallmark. I guess you could say our story started in a crowded bar, with a decent cover band and a little liquid courage. Now you see that last one is important because a guy like me doesn’t normally get a girl like this. She was beautiful. Intimidating. She had long pink hair, the brightest blue eyes I’d ever seen and a smile that could light up the darkest room. Now notice these are all just physical features. Why? Because I was too damn intimidated to even attempt to talk to her. Her vivacious personality, huge heart and boisterous laugh weren’t yet discovered. But anyway, back to the liquid courage. The band was on a break and I needed to wet my whistle. I was waiting on my whiskey-7 when up she walked. I must have been surprised, right? Hell no. I knew she was there. I spotted her the second I walked in and couldn’t take my eyes off of her the rest of the night. The band could have been singing the National Anthem on a loop and I wouldn’t have noticed. I gathered myself, took a deep breath and asked what she was having. She told me, I got it for her and off she went with the faintest “thanks” before fading back into the crowd. Yeah..that’s about what I was expecting. What’re you gonna do?

Fast forward to the next morning and I’m sitting in a car salesman’s office about to sign on the dotted line for a car I had been wanting for years-a Dodge Challenger R/T. A single guy on his own with a sports car that was going to get all the bells and whistles put into it…and an empty passenger seat just waiting. All I could think about were the possibilities. And that’s when it happened. *ding* A message. I open it up and there it read: “thanks again for the drink last night.” Now if you know me, you know I’m a thinker. An over-analyzer. I’ll think through every possible scenario of a situation before I act on it. “Was I the only one who bought her a drink last night?” “Is she just being friendly?” “Did she mean to send this to me?” I’m not sure what it was, honestly. Maybe I was feeling myself because I was about to buy a new car. Some adrenaline mixed with a little bravado. I typed back something corny like “you’re very welcome. Maybe the next one I buy you can have some dinner with it.” Don’t ask me how, but that worked. I got her number, set up our first date and the rest is, as they say, history.

That passenger seat with all the possibilities only saw one rear end in its time with me. It’s still bone stock as the upgrade money went to dinners, dates and adventures. And let me tell you…I wouldn’t change that for the world.
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