Wedding at Brennan’s New Orleans

Wedding at Brennan’s New Orleans

“So may you share from this day on- with love and understanding. May the joys of your life be heightened, may its bitterness be sweetened. And I charge you on this day, and on every day that you look into each other’s eyes from this day forward: To remember not just the tangible, but also the intangible, the mysterious.”

The officiant’s beautifully heartfelt words had our team swooning! Greg & Rebecca’s wedding was held at Brennan’s restaurant in New Orleans, LA. Make sure to check out the video below to hear what the couple’s family and friends had to say. Also, that street car wedding cake! And the stunning chuppah! Fun fact: Brennan’s, the place that Rebecca & Greg married, is the home of the original Bananas Foster. So many New Orleans staples thrown into one heart fluttering wedding! We were smitten by the sweet, soft- spoken demeanor of this couple, who were obviously smitten with each other. There is something that makes us warm and tingly inside when we see a groom look at a bride the way Greg looks at Rebecca.


We asked Greg and Rebecca how they met and started dating. Their response was perfect:

In Greg’s words:
No reply. I was beginning to think she was sending me a silent message. I mean, I had called twice. What if she asked her friend about me…the one who thinks I’m eccentric (relative) and makes inappropriate jokes (guilty).
As I sat on my couch ready to bail, I had no idea that less than one year later I’d be in a serious relationship with the girl on the other end of that number, happier than I ever thought possible. Even less possible for me to anticipate at the time was that barely two years later, we would be getting married.
To be honest, we didn’t know each other yet, just of each other. We met briefly three years previous at an 80’s dance night. She had recently moved to New Orleans, and I was days away from moving away for the next year. We spoke ever so briefly…I couldn’t remember what was said, but I didn’t forget her. I remember telling my friend Jason that night I thought she was the prettiest girl I had ever seen.
Fast forward to two weeks before this call. I’m single, and run into my friend Rachael at a bar. I ask her what ever happened to the girl from that ’80’s night back in 2012. She says she is single, and that she had asked about me recently. I didn’t believe this, but I let her put her friend’s number in my phone anyway.
Oh well, I think, putting down my phone. Maybe she already found someone else. I consider my options for the night: maybe I’d go grab dinner and drinks with Chris and Jason; perhaps I’d jump back in the digital dating pool, shifting through a library of Tinder profiles while OD’ing on Netflix.
I thought back to the ’80’s again… I picked up the phone one last time. “Hi.”

In Rebecca’s words:
He didn’t leave me a message. I had a couple of missed calls from the same random number. Who picks up a call from an unidentified phone numbers nowadays? Then Rachael texts me and asks me if I am no longer interested. How can I be interested in someone who I didn’t even realize was calling me? Luckily, he did try to call me for a third time and this time I picked up the phone.
It’s true, I never forgot Greg either, even though we only talked for a few minutes that first night. Some things in life really are meant to be. Greg is the most caring, hilarious, ingenious person I know. I am beyond lucky (#blessed) to have him alongside me every day as we experience this crazy and exciting world together. I cannot wait to marry him! He is also the writer in our little family. I have never been creatively expressive and Lil’ Nacheaux (our cat) doesn’t have opposable thumbs. Therefore, I will sum up this section by saying that we would like to thank our family and friends for their love and support as we embark on the journey that is marriage. We wouldn’t be the people we are today, would not have found one another or be able to fully celebrate our marriage without all of you. We can’t wait to dance the hora with you on March 26th!


Vendor love //

Ceremony & Reception Venue- Brennans Restaurant
Photographer – Studio Tran
Preparation – Chateau LeMoyne
Dress Designer – Yvonne LaFleur
Bridal Boutique – Yvonne LaFleur
Cake – Gambinos
Florist – Thibodeaux’s Floral Studio
Live Event Painting – Kelly Boyett
Second Line Band – Paulin Brothers