The wedding of Kati & Andrew

*Documentary Highlight is an option on the Simplicity Pkg.

This started out as another normal day at another normal church wedding… Everyone was very calm, Kati was a little nervous and Andrew was cool and composed. The reception was beautifully decorated with guests arriving by the dozens. In the corner of the main ballroom, there was a guy standing in front an easel with a blank canvas. Very cool, very unique and very talented. The MC had everyone dancing, it was a fantastic evening.
Anyway here are a few clips from the wedding of Kati & Andrew. BTW… Its called “Event Painting” and its done live, very fun to watch and he drew a large crowd. So if your looking for ideas…

Church- Broadmoor United Methodist
Reception- Citi Club of Baton Rouge
Photographer- Collin Richie
Event Artistry – Alex Harvie