Outdoor Wedding at Peristyle

Outdoor Wedding at Peristyle in City Park

Wendi and Trey’s outdoor wedding at Peristyle was a beautiful beginning to their lives together. This is their story.

Trey and Wendi’s love story began on the beautiful campus of Tuskegee University during the fall of 2003. While pursuing their Bachelor degrees, Trey and Wendi would frequently see each other in the Engineering building while attending their study groups. These simple yet sweet encounters ultimately becoming the birthplace of their friendship. Trey insists that one day Wendi finally inquired about his amazing looks from one of his fellow teammates and the rest is history. Wendi remembers differently and recalls that they just exchanged numbers through a mutual friend. Despite neither conceding to whose story is factual, the two became inseparable as they began dating and were the cliché football-cheerleader couple. When Trey would score a touchdown, Wendi was on the sideline cheering with excitement. Their romance lasted for a year, but God had alternate plans for them.

Trey and Wendi always remained friends, but life guided them on separate journeys. After graduating from Tuskegee, Trey flourished in football allowing him to play professionally for two NFL teams and in the ALF league. Wendi embarked on the manufacturing industry in operations management giving her the opportunity to drive the growth of many prominent companies. Along her journey, she was also blessed with her first child, Austin James.

In God’s perfect timing, 10 years later, Trey and Wendi’s love story would pick up right where it began on the campus of Tuskegee University during Homecoming of 2016. Trey wasn’t in attendance during homecoming, but luckily his best friend Juval was there. Serendipitously, the two ran into each other, and caught up about old times. Juval continued to tell Wendi that Trey always asked about her over the years, and specifically told him to let him know if he saw her during homecoming. After running into Wendi, he immediately called Trey eager to spill the beans. Trey and Wendi spoke briefly and agreed to exchange numbers again for the final and last time. Their relationship picked up right where it left off ten years prior, and they knew they wouldn’t let each other go again.

Trey and Wendi’s love is a shining example that God has Perfect timing; never early, never late. It takes a little patience and a lot of faith, but it’s always worth the wait!

The engagement
Trey surprised Wendi by planning a fake birthday party for his nephew. During the birthday magic show, Wendi was called up to be blindfolded and participate in the activity. Little did she know, Trey had arranged her family to fly in town and surprise her for the proposal because he knew how important it was for Wendi to have her family and close friends there. When the magician took the blindfold off, Trey was standing there along with Wendi’s mother, sister and close family and friends. Wendi began to cry and Trey dropped down on one knee and ask her to spend the rest of her life with him.


//vendor love
Preparation – Le Meridien
Ceremony – Peristyle City Park New Orleans
Reception – The Balcony Ballroom
Photography – Stacy Marks Photography
Dress Design & Collection – Brides by Lori
Bakery – Taste Bakery NOLA
Floral – Perfect Presentations, Bloominus
Transportation – Alert Limousines

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