Mary + Stephen | Wedding | Marche’ | New Orleans

Mary + Stephen | Wedding | Marche’ | New Orleans

Wedding of Mary & Stephen at Marche’ in New Orleans!
Our story begins in the Fall of 2018. Mary had just completed the first year of her MBA coursework, and was beginning her classes for her MHA. I had just moved to New Orleans to start my first year of MHA coursework. After the first day of orientation, Mary looked around at her new classmates and said “who wants to get a drink?”. It was right then I knew she was someone I could get along with, and wasn’t afraid to break the ice.

We quickly became friends during the first few months of our program, and little did we realize, but we were both falling for one another. In late October, we made plans to go to a music festival together in New Orleans, VoodooFest. Mary wore a neon-pink, bob wig and I was in my trusty combat boots, and we danced the night away.

A few days later, I had the grand idea to attend the LSU-Alabama game in Baton Rouge the following weekend. Knowing Mary was an alumnus of Alabama, I figured she would want to attend the game as well. Within 10 minutes of bringing it up, tickets were bought and plans were made. It was at the conclusion of this game Mary first confessed that she had feelings for me, and those feelings were immediately reciprocated.

We talked every single day of the winter break while away from each other. Upon returning to New Orleans, I made dinner reservations for us as soon as we could break away and I asked her to be my girlfriend.

One of my favorite memories from when we first started dating was a particular night where we got lost in conversation while out at one of our favorite spots, Cajun Mike’s. During a rare lull in conversation, we turned our heads to see the sun was rising. We had literally talked the entire night away. I couldn’t get enough.

A year and a half pass and we are both set to graduate with our Masters from Tulane. We had each independently decided we would like to pursue our professional post-grad careers in Houston, and I asked Mary if she would like to move in together. My heart leapt when she said yes.

Another year and a half passes, and we are both living successful lives in Houston. We adopted a cat, Mister, together. I had known for a quite some time that Mary was the woman for me. Arrangements were made for us to travel back to New Orleans for the first time since we had moved and it was there I asked for her hand in marriage.

New Orleans has always been a special city to us both. It is where we met, where we fell in love, and ultimately where we want to get married. Nothing would make us happier than celebrating our love in a city that means so much to us, with family and friends who mean even more.
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