Jessica + Brendon | Wedding | Beau Chene Country Club | Mandeville

Jessica & Brendon: Love’s Serendipity

In the heart of Mandeville, amidst the serene charm of Beau Chene Country Club and St. Anselm Catholic Church, a tale of love unfolded. Jessica and Brendon, whose paths intertwined from high school days, found their way back to each other through the whims of fate and the warmth of friendship. From a chance call sparked by a dare to a shared journey of laughter, love, and family, their story blossomed into a beautiful union. Capturing the essence of their love, our wedding film preserves the magic of their journey, weaving together moments of joy, tenderness, and forever promises. As their families intertwine and memories intertwine, Brendon and Jessica stand hand in hand, a testament to the enduring power of love’s unexpected twists.
Key Vendors//
Coordinator | Uncommon Camellia
Photography | Sarah Moss Photography
Church | St. Anselm Catholic Church
Venue | Beau Chene Country Club
Entertainment | Top Cats
Bakery | Dream Cakes by Violet
Florist | Something Borrowed Blooms
Make-up | Bell Beauty Co
Hair | Wildflower Hair & Makeup
Events & Designs by KD
Limitless Entertainment