Juhi and Rohit’s Love Story – Indian Wedding Celebration New Orleans

Juhi and Rohit’s Love Story – an Indian Wedding Celebration in New Orleans

One of the things that we enjoy the most is working with amazing couples and hear them tell their stories. This one gave us all the feels!

In Rohit’s words:

Juhi has always wanted a proposal where she could be with all her friends and family so I decided that Christmas day in New
Jersey would be the best time to propose as both her and my family were all in town. I knew the following had to be involved:
– our song “Manchester” by Kishi Bashi who is an artist we went to see in NYC and fell in love with together
– market lights, her absolute favorite thing
– great pictures and video, we’re social media buffs and wanted to make a splash
– surprise, duh
So I convinced her the weekend before Christmas that I wasn’t going to propose for a long time (even though I was pretttty sure it
would be this holiday even though I didn’t have everything quite figured out at the time). I basically set off to work on Monday
before Christmas (which was on a Sunday) and organized the proposal.

We convinced Juhi that there was a Christmas party at our family friend’s home. Before she arrived we had over 50 family and
friends, some that flew in or drove in on Christmas day to be with us, all huddled in the basement watching a live FaceTime
stream. The backyard was set up with over 500 lights and candles creating a beautiful winter wonderland scene. In the middle of
the backyard patio was a fire lighting up a live string quartet. The quartet was obviously the focal point and made the whole event.
They were a group of high school students that a friend of mine who is a professional Bass player for the NY MET Opera trained
for the performance.
When Juhi finally arrived the house was dark and quiet. Juhi walked in the front door and was greeted by my friend holding a sign
(similar to the big posterboard signs in Love Actually) which had a song lyric written on it. Juhi was guided through the house to
the backyard with different family members, each holding a different song lyrics basically asking Juhi which song I should
propose to her with. Finally, my sister was holding the last one which said “there really is only one song” and she opens the
backdoor to the lighted patio. The string quartet, conducted by my best friend’s little brother, starts playing “Manchester” by Kishi
Bashi (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQSuEIKlD1Y). A few of our family members are “secretly” taking video and photos
and Juhi notices them and is just overwhelmed by what is clearly about to take place. After a bit I walk out from around the house
with the last few posterboards (which say the first few lyrics of the song) and then pull out a mic and sing the last verse and
chorus of the song along with the quartet. The song ends, I get down on a knee and propose with a few thoughtful loving words
that were thought up on the spot because I had forgotten what was planned due to the nerves of the whole event. Through smiles
and tears she says yes and I slide the sapphire ring on her finger. Our friends then set off little fireworks all around us. We queue
our patient friends and family to come out. Juhi is shocked by how many people were hiding in the basement and we all hug and
kiss. We then proceeded to have a fun party with champagne and Christmas cookies!”


Vendor love //

Wedding coordinators – Becky Lampp – Spanish Oak Events
Photography – The always amazing Mark Eric @ Mark Eric Photography
Venue Sangeet – Stella Plantation
Venue Ceremony – Hilton Riverside
Venue Reception- Marriott on Canal
Photo Booth – Envog
Hair and Makeup – Fairytales & Brides
Transportation – New Orleans Tours & Audubon Limousines
Champagne Skirt – Frenchman Street Productions
Caterer – Daawat Catering Co.
Dholi – Tejasvir Singh & Adam Khan
Brass band – Kinfolk brass band
Lighting and Entertainment – Shivas – One2 Entertainment

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