Bevolo Gas and Electric Lights Wedding with Abby and Kane

Bevolo Gas and Electric Lights Wedding with Abby and Kane

“Our Story by Abby

Hi! For those that don’t know, Kane and I met while working together on the Pricing team at Target in 2012.

What started as a great friendship later grew into something more as we bonded over everything from our shared interest in (all) food, beer, R&B music, and a preference for sharing jokes over Lync messaging instead of working.

By fall of that year, we’ll admit it, we were pretty inseparable. While some may say it’s not 100% cool to date your co-worker, we just couldn’t fight it. Fortunately, we’re super professional and only flirted at work, like, a little bit.

The years that have followed have been the best of my little life. Kane makes everything better. Whether it’s going to the grocery store or traveling to a new city, there’s no one I’d rather do it with. We share a love of spontaneity and fun that I am told is pretty rare. It’s for that reason we have decided to host our wedding in our favorite fun place: New Orleans! We can’t wait to share our special day in this special
place with you.

The Proposal by Kane:

Abby had been contemplating a trip to San Francisco with friends to visit another friend who had recently moved out to the area. On April 20th, they suddenly booked their trip… for 10 days later. Little did Abby know, I had been contemplating my own plans for her trip to San Francisco and had already been in contact with a jeweler in the city. With the short notice, I was frenetically working to expedite the ring, and discretely scheming with Abby’s gracious travel companions for a mid-trip surprise. Abby flew out Thursday, excited for her big weekend being highlighted by a Napa Valley wine tour booked for Saturday.

Fast forward to Saturday morning, I take my own flight out to the City by the Bay. I sped straight downtown to grab the ring and meet up with the limo booked to chauffeur the wine tour. As we pulled up to their hotel, Abby – looking stunning in a black sundress and fancy hat for the day’s festivities – approached the limo with no clue what was waiting inside. As the door opened and I stepped out Abby’s jaw dropped and she threw her arms around me laughing. It wasn’t until, with a shaky voice, I began to tell her how much she means to me and reaching into my back pocket that she realized what was happening. I dropped to a knee there on the sidewalk and she nodded her head in disbelief. We hugged. She cried. We piled into the back of the limo and headed north. It was the perfect moment that kicked off an unforgettable day.”

Vendor love:
Event Coordinator – Belle Soiree Events
Event Location – Bevolo Gas Electric Lights
Preparation – Chateau LeMoyne
Photographer – Maile Lani
Entertainment – Dwayne Dopsie and the Zydeco Hellraisers
Dress Design – Amy Kuschel
Bridal shop – Che Bella (Minneapolis)
Florist – Leaf and Petal NOLA
Cake – Haydel’s