Baton Rouge

Here is a teaser trailer for the wedding of Kayla and Vincent. Filmed here in Baton Rouge between the famous Huey P. Long suite at the downtown Hilton, St. Agnes Church and Lyceum Ballroom.

Bride Prep – Downtown Hilton (Huey P. Long Suite)
Ceremony – St. Agnes Church
Reception – Lyceum Ballroom
Photographer – Bray Danielle Photography
Music – The Music Bed

When I met Chris and Amber, they told me that they were having a small wedding at a relatives house with some friends and family. When I got there that day, the weather hadn’t been that great and they wanted everyone to take their shoes off before going inside… so 50% of my shots were done while I was running around in my socks, very laid back! Thankfully the weather turned out great, and with such a beautiful location everyone was having a good time.