Tiffany & Steven | A New Orleans Vietnamese Wedding

Tiffany + Steven | A New Orleans Vietnamese Wedding

Tiffany and Steven have been together for 11 years. Their wedding in New Orleans was the wonderful culmination of their love, shared with all of their friends and families. They have shared so many memories, one of the most memorable just so happened to be Stevens proposal. 🙂

In her words..
“We were on vacation in Austin, TX and we decided to do two hikes that day. At the end of the first hike, Steven told me he lost the car key and he couldn’t find it. I looked through my backpack to make sure I didn’t have it and I looked through his backpack after. I saw the ring box in his backpack, but couldn’t dwell on it since we lost the car key to our rental. We decided to split up and go in opposite directions of the trail looking for the key. Steven was very frantic and actually ran through the whole trail looking for the key. When I asked a stranger if they saw a car key on the ground, they told me they saw a key in the keyhole in the car in the parking lot. Someone had actually found the key and put it in there for us.
We then decide to go to our second hike of the day and when we finally get to the top, Steven asks me if we want to take a picture and he’ll ask somebody to take it for us. I looked at him and just said I saw the box, I know what’s about to happen and he just laughed at me. He told me to just take the picture first and that’s when he proposed.”
Vendor Team /
Photography | Thien La Photography
Venue | Crystal Palace
Church | Mary Queen of Vietnam
Bakery | Nikki Lefort
Photobooth | ENVOG Events
Live Artist | Pappion Artistry
Entertainment | DJ Pat Black

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