Emily and Brandon | Wedding at The Cannery | New Orleans

Brandon & Emily | Wedding at the Cannery

A beautiful wedding at the Cannery in New Orleans

“Marriage is the ultimate friendship.” – Since childhood, Brandon and Emily’s friendship grew into an amazing story of life, love, family, and God.


Brandon and I met through childhood friends in high school. We became great friends and our friendship continued to grow as the years went on. We attended the same college and in our first semester, we decided we wanted to take the next step in our relationship. We started dating and have now been together for a little over 7 years. We have had many ups and downs together, but our relationship continues to grow more and more each year. We have decided to grow as individuals, in our relationship as a couple, and in our relationship with God. Every decision we make is centered on what is best for each other.
Brandon was finishing up a tough semester of physical therapy school and had just recovered from an unexpected ankle fracture which required surgery. He one day asked if I would like to go on a date since he had been so busy and unable to spend much time with me due to the unexpected life events that occurred. He had mentioned he wanted to go to the New Orleans Museum of Art as this was a commonplace we passed when we would take walks in City Park. I thought nothing of it and I consider myself to have a lot of intuition when something was up. We went to the art museum and I recognized during the entire visit that he was very uninterested and kept kneeling how and complaining of how his ankle hurt very bad as it was swollen from the surgery. I figured he was in pain and was uninterested so I said that we could just leave and go to dinner early. As we were walking out he grabbed and held my hand and when we got to the front steps of the museum he started to tell me how much he loved me and how lucky he was to have me. I do not remember much of what he said as I was confused as to why he just decided to tell me all of this and I was just confused. I then hear him say how he wants to spend the rest of my life with me and I thought to myself “Is he proposing!?” He proceeded to get down on one knee and I see out of the corner of my eye my two best friends. One was snapping photos and the other was taking a video. I hear onlookers sitting on the steps screaming and awing. I saw the most special person in my life holding the most beautiful ring which was hiding in his sock which explained why he was bending down and complaining the whole time about his ankle.
The night did not end there. My friends proceeded to take us on a journey around city park taking pictures and popping champagne. We then went to dinner where Brandon had booked a private room and as the host opened the door our families were there with gifts, a cake, decorations, and open arms.
Wait there’s more… Brandon then mentioned that he wanted to go downtown. We arrived at a bar downtown and in the courtyard of the location dozens of friends were there to welcome us. It was the best night ever with the best people. I wish I could relive it over and over again!

Vendor Love//
Event Coordinator | Robyn Fredricks
Photography | Matthew Foster
Venue | The Cannery
Entertainment | Topcats
Bakery | La Louisiane
Florist | Bella Blooms Floral
Hair | Ashley Delatte
Makeup | Beauty By Baylee

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