Kaylen + Caleb | Wonderful Wedding in Addis Louisiana

Kaylen + Caleb| Wonderful wedding in Addis Louisiana

Wonderful wedding in Addis Louisiana with Kaylen + Caleb
I thought it was really cool to find out that their wedding date is also the 3rd anniversary when they met. They will always have the same anniversary date!
How they met!
“The First Day:
Kaylen went to Bogie’s with her cousin Sara, who knew Caleb from working at LSU. Caleb came over to say hello to Sara, and that is when he was introduced to Kaylen. Kaylen told him that she loved his glasses…well Caleb just thought she was great because of that. The next weekend, Caleb saw Kaylen again at Bogie’s and got her Snapchat information. A couple of days of Snapchatting led to Caleb asking Kaylen on a date. Kaylen said yes, but ended up canceling later on due to nervousness. Kaylen then told Caleb that maybe they should just meet up at Bogie’s again, and he agreed. They talked for hours that night and the rest is history…

The Yes Day:
Anyone who knows Kaylen knows how much she loves Walt Disney World. Kaylen’s parents and grandparents just so happened to be doing a Disney Land and Sea vacation in September. One day in July, Kaylen’s mom asked if it were possible for them to come for the “land” part of the vacation. Kaylen figured out that both Caleb and herself could go. At first, Kaylen was a little suspicious, but Caleb immediately got her out of that by telling her that he would never propose without all of their parents there. Kaylen’s mom tells her that she wants a nice family picture in the Magic Kingdom for their Christmas card, and to bring a nice outfit to wear for it. Kaylen did not think anything of this as her mom was always planning family pictures. On the day of, they all get dressed up and leave for the Magic Kingdom to meet up with the photographer. They take a couple of family pictures, and all of a sudden the Dapper Dans pull Caleb and Kaylen aside as volunteers for their show. They tell Caleb that his job is to sing “you” every time they put their hat down. They begin to sing “Let me call you sweetheart, I’m in love with….” and Caleb sings “..youuu”. This goes on, and in the end, Caleb gets down on one knee and asks Kaylen to spend forever with him. Of course, she said YES! Kaylen turns around and notices that his parents, her dad, Roro, and her aunt, uncle, and cousins have surprised her. It was the most magical day of their life! (We have a video!!)”
Key Vendor Team /
Event Coordinator | Shawn Tassin
Photography | Double Windsor Photography
Prep Location | House
Venue | Addis Community Center
Church | St. John the Baptist Catholic
Entertainment | ThreeThirtySeven Band
Bakery | Baking on the Bayou
Florist | Connie Martin
Live Painting | Torregrossa Fine Art