Haley + Matthew | Wedding at Ritz Carlton | New Orleans

A Love Story Unveiled: Haley and Matthew’s Dream Wedding at the Ritz Carlton, New Orleans

In the heart of New Orleans, Haley and Matthew’s love story unfolded at the Ritz Carlton, a tale that began with a chance meeting at a Casino Royale-themed birthday party in March 2021.

Invited by a friend from Chicago who had relocated to Dallas, Haley found herself at a dazzling event where the gentlemen wore tuxedos, the ladies adorned fancy cocktail dresses, and martinis flowed freely. The night took an unexpected turn when, at a pregame nearby, Haley spotted Matt and thought, “that man can wear a tux.”

Fate intervened when Matt’s friend, aware of Haley’s single status, ensured Matt rode over to the party in Haley’s car. The ensuing conversation over martinis led to a pivotal moment when Matt playfully pulled out a $100 bill and asked Haley to play blackjack. “The rest is history,” she smiles.

Fast forward to their wedding at the Ritz Carlton, a celebration of love against the backdrop of opulence. Surrounded by family and friends, Haley and Matthew exchanged vows, marking the culmination of a love story born in chance and thriving in shared laughter and bold moments.

Here’s to Haley and Matthew—a couple whose love story sparkled in the grandeur of the Ritz Carlton, a testament to the magic that can unfold when chance and destiny align.
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