Denise & Kevin Documentary Style Highlight

I’ve been asked by several brides what is the difference between cinematic style and everyone elses documentary style.

My cinematic style is much more dramatic, a more artistic interpretation of your wedding day. I believe I have a definable style that sets my work apart from others. My goal for a cinematic wedding highlight, aside from creatively capturing the feeling and emotion of the day, is to make the movie entertaining to all, even those who are not familiar with the couple. The music should reflect both the personality of the couple and the mood of the day.

Most documentary style highlights are considered to be a long-form edit. The focus is on simply capturing the day in the order of events. The perspective is generally as if the viewer was present. There are few or no dramatic camera shots and any music added is just for background to help set the mood. They are easier to edit and therefore less expensive for the bride.

This is my personal spin on a Documentary Style Highlight I made for Denise and Kevin. They were married June 5th, 2010 at Live Oak United Methodist Church in Watson, Louisiana.