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Abagail and Phillip Washington

Just received our full wedding video and — Wow!! Sitting here with tears streaming down my face. I cannot thank y’all enough for capturing our big day. The videography is just brilliant. From the filming to the music, I could not ask for more. Thank you for such an heirloom that we will always treasure. I cannot tell you what a special gift you have given us, priceless. A most sincere and heartfelt thanks.

The Sevin’s

I can’t even begin to thank you for this priceless memory you have given us. It’s absolutely incredible to watch this and relive the experience in such a beautiful way. You truly do amazing work and I will be recommending you to everyone I know. I just got the shipping notification for what I assume is the rest of your work. I am sure you will leave us speechless. Thanks again!!

Maddy and Ryan Aldridge

We received the DVDs today and just watched–WOW! We loved the trailer, but we can’t even express how perfect the feature and the rest of the footage is! Your team captured the day so wonderfully, and it is such an amazing feeling to see everything from our wedding day come together exactly how we planned. You all have a true talent and we are forever grateful! We will definitely be recommending your services! Thanks again so much!

Will and Omishan Williams

Stephen, you and your team were so accommodating and patient the entire day. We want to personally thank you for your presence. We never had to look for you or wonder where you were. You were there every step of the way to capture all of our special moments and we are so grateful for that. Thank you for your professionalism and creativity and we can’t wait to see our rehearsal dinner and wedding day videos!

Demi & Jimmy Matherne

Well Stephen, I guess I held back all my tears on the day of the wedding only for them to be unleashed now!! Haha definitely had me crying the whole time with a smile on my face. Can’t wait to surprise Jimmy tonight when he gets home! And omg, how about those ACCENTS though!!! Hahaha “tick tick” (thick thick) as said dtb (down the bayou). We were so blessed to have y’all both with us capturing this gorgeous, Oscar worthy film! I knew it would blow away my expectations… Certainly the best keepsake!! I’ll be letting everyone know to check it out and like it! Thank y’all again!!! Y’all are blessed with endless talent.

Katie and Brett Vicknair

You made our wedding video almost 7 years ago. It was the most amazing thing! We watched it repeatedly over that first year. As the years went on and life got hectic it was put away with all the other dvd’s. Fast forward to now…my husband and I have a 5 year old daughter, Emma. She asked me about our wedding and I went dig out that DVD to show her. She was in awe, as I was all over again. She asked how we got to get married in a movie!! She watched it over and over again all day. It made my heart happy to have her watch it and have her feel the excitement of that day. It was because of that video that she was able to feel like she was there too! Thank you for giving us an amazing memory to share with her!

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Veillon

Hi guys, We received our trailer and wow!!!! Tears. Tears. Tears. Y’all are sooo talented and I really will never be able to thank y’all enough!! It’s beyond perfection and I can’t wait to see the entire video. I wasn’t expecting it anytime soon so it was a complete surprise! We love everything about it and we are sooooooo thankful we chose y’all to share in our big special day. Y’all captured absolutely everything and it was just a trailer! So much love. So much happiness. So much that I didn’t remember! Forever grateful! Y’all have a talent, and I’m so glad we got to share in it. We can’t wait to see the full video!

The Gambles

To the whole Montoto Production Crew. We could not have asked for a better cinematography company to film our big day. The preview of walker seeing me for the first time, was priceless and so beautiful! It makes us even more excited to see the trailer and full day!

Ross and Kris Waguespack

We are in love with our video!!! Y’all did an amazing job capturing our special day!!! It is perfect in every way!!! Thank you all so much for creating this special video!!

Jaime Leonard

Hi Gabby, Krystian & Steve! I cannot thank all of you enough for your hard work, your creativity, and light-heartedness throughout our day! Being the bride and getting to experience the wedding from a non-vendor standpoint, I have to say you guys are so talented. Gabby, you kept me calm and laughing. I felt like we were just hanging out. Your attention to detail, and dedication to the craft of your shot inspired me. Krystian, I appreciate you so much! I can tell you work hard to get the perfect shot, and that means so much to me. You guys are a video power team, and our day was perfect because you guys were there for us. Gabby, Krystian, Steve, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Emily (Vollenweider) Baker

We were so excited to get the link for the trailer but we wanted to have a special debut, so we waited until Mother’s Day to watch it with our families. It brought tears to our eyes!! We feel like it totally captures the emotions of the day and was such a perfect representation of John and I. Can’t wait to see the rest! Thank you doesn’t begin to express our gratitude for all the hard work put in from the day of the wedding through the editing process. It really shows how passionate the team is about the end result! Please pass along our appreciation to everyone!

Sara Brennan

Thank you so much for this video! I knew your team was special as I was looking up various videographers and I am completely sure I made the right choice picking your company. I know it was a challenge but your team definitely rose to meet it. Thank you again and I’m so excited to see the finished product.