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New Orleans Street Car Wedding with Sara and Mat

This wedding took the “New Orleans wedding” feel to the next level. Sara and Mat’s wedding ceremony was inside a moving street car. Not in front or around it, but inside! WHILE IT WAS DRIVING TO THE RECEPTION! Our team has shot hundreds of unique New Orleans weddings, but never while our venue was traveling down the road. We were excited (and a little nervous- we had never shot a street car wedding before!) and couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out. Emily Sullivan (owner of Emily Sullivan Events) and her team knocked it out of the park! We also instantly fell in love with the couple. There is no doubt that Sara and Mat are adventurous, creative and very much in love. Make sure to check out the video to hear the unbelievably sweet vows they wrote to each other!

Just a fun tidbit:
The St. Charles Streetcar line (where the wedding ceremony was held) is the oldest continuously operating streetcar line in the world, as it has been in operation since 1835.

About the couple:
Mat and Sara’s story begins from two distant locations. Sara, growing up in Southwest Louisiana, moved to Jacksonville after graduating from LSU Physical Therapy school to find the love over her life (maybe). Mat spent the first two-thirds of his life in upstate New York, moving to Jacksonville after high school. Little did he know that 10 years later his life would be turned upside-down. The two went on their first date in late June of 2015 and haven’t looked back since. From tearing up dance floors, to exploring new places, the last two years have been full of excitement, and they both look forward to taking the next “leap”.


Vendor love:
Event Coordinator – Emily Sullivan Events
Ceremony Location – St. Charles Streetcar Line
Reception Location- Elms Mansion and Gardens
Photographer – Brittney Dufrene Photography
Ceremony Musician- Fine Arts- Gabriel
Reception Entertainment- Louisiana Spice Band
Florist – Crystal Vase
Cake – Nikki’s Frosted Fantasies
Decor- Your Events Delivered & Firefly Ambiance
Photobooth- GOGO Booth

St. Francis of Assisi New Orleans Wedding with Vivian and Joseph

“Our Story by Vivian

Joe and I met in optometry school back in 2012. It wasn’t love at first sight; in fact it was the total opposite. Joe stayed true to his promise that he wouldn’t get distracted while in school so he mainly kept to himself. I’m a social butterfly, so I made sure to have fun with new friends and make the best of the next 4 years. A week before Thanksgiving, my beloved grandmother passed away and I stormed out of class to be with relatives in Houston, TX. After learning about what happened, Joe messaged me his condolences through Facebook. After her funeral and Thanksgiving, finals came around and Joe asked to study together. A few study sessions later, he became my forever study buddy. Joe learned to open up and I learned to buckle down. We started getting to know one another during our Christmas break, and I’m sure that Joe was a gift sent from my grandmother up above.

Like a true gentleman, Joe asked for my parents permission to marry me. And he did just that on October 4, 2015. During one of our externships back in my home state of Florida, we visited my parents before they left for a two-week vacation in Vietnam. As I’m hugging my mom goodbye, I turn around to see Joe on bended knee. I said, “of course” and continued to cry as Joe checked his heart rate on his Fitbit, which read 116 beats/min.

Vendor love:
Event Coordinator – Diem Le
Event Location – St. Francis of Assisi
Preparation – Harrah’s New Orleans Hotel
Photographer – Studio Tran – Eric
Entertainment – DJ Loopy
Dress Design – Allure Bridals
Bridal shop – Lily’s Bridal Orlando Florida
Florist – Bella Blooms
Cake – O’Delice French Bakery
Reception – Panda King

Bevolo Gas and Electric Lights Wedding with Abby and Kane

“Our Story by Abby

Hi! For those that don’t know, Kane and I met while working together on the Pricing team at Target in 2012.

What started as a great friendship later grew into something more as we bonded over everything from our shared interest in (all) food, beer, R&B music, and a preference for sharing jokes over Lync messaging instead of working.

By fall of that year, we’ll admit it, we were pretty inseparable. While some may say it’s not 100% cool to date your co-worker, we just couldn’t fight it. Fortunately, we’re super professional and only flirted at work, like, a little bit.

The years that have followed have been the best of my little life. Kane makes everything better. Whether it’s going to the grocery store or traveling to a new city, there’s no one I’d rather do it with. We share a love of spontaneity and fun that I am told is pretty rare. It’s for that reason we have decided to host our wedding in our favorite fun place: New Orleans! We can’t wait to share our special day in this special
place with you.

The Proposal by Kane:

Abby had been contemplating a trip to San Francisco with friends to visit another friend who had recently moved out to the area. On April 20th, they suddenly booked their trip… for 10 days later. Little did Abby know, I had been contemplating my own plans for her trip to San Francisco and had already been in contact with a jeweler in the city. With the short notice, I was frenetically working to expedite the ring, and discretely scheming with Abby’s gracious travel companions for a mid-trip surprise. Abby flew out Thursday, excited for her big weekend being highlighted by a Napa Valley wine tour booked for Saturday.

Fast forward to Saturday morning, I take my own flight out to the City by the Bay. I sped straight downtown to grab the ring and meet up with the limo booked to chauffeur the wine tour. As we pulled up to their hotel, Abby – looking stunning in a black sundress and fancy hat for the day’s festivities – approached the limo with no clue what was waiting inside. As the door opened and I stepped out Abby’s jaw dropped and she threw her arms around me laughing. It wasn’t until, with a shaky voice, I began to tell her how much she means to me and reaching into my back pocket that she realized what was happening. I dropped to a knee there on the sidewalk and she nodded her head in disbelief. We hugged. She cried. We piled into the back of the limo and headed north. It was the perfect moment that kicked off an unforgettable day.”

Vendor love:
Event Coordinator – Belle Soiree Events
Event Location – Bevolo Gas Electric Lights
Preparation – Chateau LeMoyne
Photographer – Maile Lani
Entertainment – Dwayne Dopsie and the Zydeco Hellraisers
Dress Design – Amy Kuschel
Bridal shop – Che Bella (Minneapolis)
Florist – Leaf and Petal NOLA
Cake – Haydel’s

Board of Trade New Orleans wedding video with Kelsey and James

“Kelsey and I met while we were both attending LSU Nursing School in New Orleans. I was a senior and she was just starting nursing school. A mutual friend introduced us and we have been together for 7 wonderful years since then. I was required to attend a conference for my graduate school, that year’s conference was in Orlando. I chartered a small plane to fly over Disney World at night, just in time for the fireworks show. I popped the big question on the runway after we landed. It was definitely a memorable experience and I think Kelsey was completely surprised. We recently bought a house in Mid-City and are loving our married life!”

Vendor love:
Planning & Design – Brooke Casey Weddings
Ceremony – Immaculate Conception
Reception – Board of Trade
Photography – Catherine Guidry
Rentals – Event Rental
Transportation – Alert and Limousine Livery
Hair – Beth Washington
Makeup – Melissa Vaccaro
Lighting – Luminous Events
Catering – Pigeon Caterers
Entertainment – Bobby J and Stuff Like That
Pedicab – Bike Taxi Unlimited
Ring Box – The Mrs. Box
Invitations – Wondrous Whimsy
Bakery – Sweet Life Bakery

The Monastery New Orleans wedding video with Bre’lan and Kael

Kael and Bre’lan were introduced to one another in April of 2008 through a mutual high school friend, Louis Gerdes. The following evening, Kael asked for an opportunity to spend time with Bre’lan again. On the couple’s first date they saw ‘What Happens in Vegas’ at the movies, followed by beignets downtown. The date led to daily runs for snoballs, and the rest is history. Kael and Bre’lan became a couple.

On November 15, 2014, Kael asked Bre’lan to join him for dinner with his supervisor at Emeril’s NOLA Restaurant. Before arriving at the restaurant, Kael explained to Bre’lan that his supervisor coordinated the attendees to ride the horse and carriage through the French Quarter. Kael told Bre’lan that since they were running late, they would take the ride by themselves. After the carriage ride, Kael and Bre’lan arrived at NOLA Restaurant. Kael briefly addressed the carriage driver and escorted Bre’lan out of the carriage. Before the two could enter the restaurant, Kael dropped to one knee and asked for Bre’lan’s hand in marriage. NOLA Restaurant was one of the first restaurants Kael and Bre’lan visited in their relationship to celebrate Bre’lan’s birthday. Following the proposal, Kael and Bre’lan shared dinner with family who were outside of the restaurant to witness the proposal.

Vendor love:
Event Design – Wink Design and Events
Ceremony – St Joseph Church
Reception – The Monastery
Photography – Studio Tran
Caterer – Pigeon Caterers
Cake – Zoe’s Bakery
Second Line – Hot 8 Brass Band
Cocktail Entertainment – T-Ray the violinist
Bride’s Attire – Pedram Couture
DJ – DJ Keith Scott with B-Nice (emcee)

St Louis Cathedral New Orleans wedding video

“Jomi Said (Bride): I have known Mike for sixteen years. We have been friends for thirteen, a couple for eleven and married for six.

We first met in the university library during the first year of college. I remember he barely looked up from his book while my friend introduced us. I have always thought he was scary quiet and too serious until two years later in medical school when we found ourselves sitting next to each other in class.

I learned that Mike was one of the smartest and sweetest guys I ever knew. Spending most of our med school days together, he became my private tutor, my caffeine-free stimulant to keep me awake until early morning, my personal chef, my album review buddy, my fellow expert in good music, my good friend who wouldn’t let anything happen to me. I had fallen in love with his smile and his little eyes that always grew wide every time he talked to me. I found in Mike a part of myself I haven’t found in anyone else. He gave me the feeling of being completely and truly understood, the feeling of having found kindred. With him, I knew that I can be myself. Day after day, our friendship grew, and we became inseparable. I always looked forward to the many things to do and say. We never ran out, and we couldn’t get enough.

Through the years, I have been both sensible and irresponsible; I have been both cautious and crazy. But Mike has always let me feel free and calm, yet fierce and strong. He has thrust me bold and fearless to extremes I did not know I could go. And he has always brought me back, content and satisfied, back to him, back to a life we’ve dreamed together, back to a place we’ve made our home.

He is the sun shining on my dark side. The rock that keeps me on the ground when I get too pumped up that I get blown away. We are two oceans that merge so impeccably well that I cannot tell where he ends and I begin. I drown in him and he drowns in me over and over, yet we never run out of breath.

I think about the milestones of our lives and the labels that change as we reach them. I reflect and realize that to me they are all just a blur. There are no clear lines to define who we are and where we are. Mike will always be to me my buddy, my team mate, my partner, my love, my soulmate. And these things come full circle every time.

Mike said (Groom): Jomi and I have wanted to be together for a long time but did not know how to make it happen. We would talk about how great it would be to be like those people who had everything in place and whose only problem was finding their special someone. We knew we did not have that luxury so if we are going to make us happen it would be through our own creation.

My thoughts on marriage hinge on the theory that one must find a perfect balance of craziness and sanity before going for it. Crazy because one has to be so in love to have the vision and urgency to see it through. And sanity because it has to have some semblance of feasibility in order to make it happen. I know that when we started, we were not in the most ideal of places but I have so much faith in us and I have so much love for her that I got her a ring before leaving the Philippines for the US. I wanted to be ready to ask her when the right time comes. When we received news that could change our lives, I knew that the perfect time has come. I wanted it to be simple, truthful and heartfelt. I wanted her to be herself and able to say what she truly feels. I wanted her to remember our place in the world in this special time of our lives. I wanted to freeze the moment and remember it forever.

It was a Sunday morning when I asked her to make breakfast for us. When she came back to the room, I was already on my knees. She laughed because she thought I was trying to be funny. She sat on the bed and hugged me, and she asked me why my heart was beating so fast. I just managed to say that her heart was beating fast too. When I took out the ring box, I saw in her face a look of surprise, amazement and excitement. For a brief moment, my girl, who always had a lot to say, was speechless. I told her to close her eyes, and then I put the ring on her finger. When she opened her eyes again, I said “marry me.” She looked at me, fighting back tears, and she smiled. And I asked, “Is that a yes?” And she gave me a nod.

Looking back, I did not think that I would be that nervous around her but I was really excited and afraid that she might say no. Words cannot describe how I feel about her and how much she means to me. She is my inspiration, my best friend, my pillar of strength, my queen, my heart, my life. And I cannot imagine life without her.

I have always told her that as individuals, we are merely good, but together we are unbeatable. Today as I write this, many years after we embarked on our dreams and made them come true, we are still, everyday, on our way to our future. I am looking forward to more walks in the rain and more walks in the sun. To more winters and more summers. To more blizzards and storms and more rainbows. To more challenges and more surprises, always keeping in mind that together we can weather anything life throws at us.”

Vendor love:
Event Design – Lulu Alexander
Photography – Art De Vie
Ceremony – St. Louis Cathedral
Reception – Royal Sonesta
Entertainment – Troy Marks and No Idea

Wedding at the Cannery with Cadie and Walker

Cadie and Walker met during their sophomore year in college. Even though they sat next to each other in multiple classes prior to meeting, they finally connected and instantly became best friends. Walker proposed to Cadie during their college graduation in front of all of their friends and family.

When I asked Cadie about her wedding experience, she said “I think obviously our wedding was everything I could dream of plus more. Having almost 300 family and friends come together was absolutely amazing. I think my favorite moment of the day was (of course) marrying Walker. But it was also dancing with everyone during the reception. When we finally got to dance, we were just having fun and enjoying OUR wedding. Especially having friends and family that I grew up with to having known for just a few months all around, it was a pretty incredible experience. Having y’all there was exactly what we have hoped for for a videographer. You were there for every moment and I didn’t have to worry if you would catch a shot. You were also so incredibly friendly and understanding throughout the whole experience. I really have absolutely nothing bad to say about you! haha. I’m still in shock of what y’all did and were able to do with our shots and videos!”

Cadie’s advice to future brides: “My advice to brides would be that something will always go wrong or not how you expect, but the reaction you have to the change is what you remember.”

This wedding was featured on buzzfeed!! We couldn’t help but become smitten with this couple when Walker saw Cadie for the first time as she walked down the aisle. He wasn’t the only one crying- everyone was! Make sure to check out the highlight below and grab a tissue for yourself.

Vendor love:
Sam Gregory – Photographer
St. Patrick’s Catholic Church – Ceremony
The Cannery – Reception
Rachel Fleetwood and Vieux Carre Band – Entertainment
Essence of Australia – Dress
Houston Bridal Gallery – Boutique
Shake Sugary – Cake
LeGrand – Florist
Plum Street Snowballs – Snowballs
Kinfolk Brass Band – Second Line
Global Transportation – Transportation

Palazzo Bernado Wedding with Jenna and Jered

“In May of 2015, I did something I said I would never do…I signed up for Match.com…It was after watching heartfelt wedding videos on youtube that led me to sign up. This one video made me feel so sorry for myself…to the point that I signed up for match.com haha. The girl on the video had a daughter out of wedlock, just like myself. My little girl’s dad left us with nothing…just left. And I felt so hopeless….How would someone like me find someone who would love my little girl like I love her…..love her as his very own. Well, on May 18, 2015 at 5am, I was getting dressed for work and I got notification on my phone saying “Jered Miller likes you.” I viewed his profile and just dismissed the notification because this match.com thing was just something for me to do to boost my confidence again….I had felt run down at that part of my life. Single mom, struggling, heartbroken at the life I made for my innocent child. So, I continue to get dressed for work, did my usual, dropped off my little girl at my parents (WHAT I WOULD HAVE DONE WITHOUT THEM? LORD ONLY KNOWS. THEY WERE MY ONLY SUPPORT SYSTEM). So, I get to work that morning and after things settled down that morning, I went to the break room and noticed I now had a message from “Jered Miller.” He introduced himself and to be honest, I can’t recall what it said. But he was aware of Sailor from my pictures and said she was so cute, etc. So we messaged back and forth that entire day and he asked me to go on a date (the dreaded question). First of all, I didn’t know him and I’m from a small town, I only went on dates with people I know personally, right? Ha, that is how I was raised. So, I went to my mom and told her about him and my mom is VERY old fashioned…I thought she would disapprove of me going to meet this stranger. And she didn’t, she wanted me to go. I remember it like it was yesterday, on May 21, 2015, taking a bath, getting ready for this “date”….I cried hysterically to leave my Sailor. I felt like it was my duty to stay with her, I just felt guilty to get out and do something for myself. But momma pushed me to go…and so, I went….From that moment, it was meant to be forever. There was a peace that came over me with Jered, something I felt God himself, sent my way….I was absolutely so sure about him that the very next day, Sailor met him. At that time, Sailor was 2 years old and well, I thought for sure she would be the one to give him a run for his money, but he stayed….And she loves him and he loves her like his own…Surely, he was Heaven-sent. Six months later on November 21, 2015, he popped the question in downtown Baton Rouge in front of the Old State Capitol.”


Vendor love:
Houmas House Plantation – Preparation
St. Michael the Archangel Church – Ceremony
Palazzo Bernardo – Reception
Studio Tran – Photography
Chase Tyler Band – Entertainment
Zoeys Bakery – Cake
Pearl’s Place – Boutique

il Mercato Wedding with Mollye and Dominic

“Marriage is learning more about the other person. Its seeing precious gold in a lump of ore, and working patiently and gently towards helping your spouse grow more and more beautiful every day. So marriage is true, its beautiful, and its good.”

Congrats to our newlyweds, Mollye & Dominic! Make sure to watch the highlight below for more beautiful words from this fantastic officiant!

Vendor love:
Samantha Capone – Day of Coordinator
Hotel Monteleone – Preparations
Christie Froom – Photography
il Mercato – Ceremony and Reception venue
Escalade Showband – Entertainment
Tuelle New York – Dress designer
I Do Bridal Couture – Bridal Boutique
Carla Lagarde – Wedding cake
Pamela Harris – Florist

House of Blues New Orleans wedding with Kasie and Jason

“We had half a dozen dates that Kasie didn’t realize were dates.”
While Jason was having the first date, Kasie was just having dinner & drinks with her friend Jason. Kasie didn’t find out until years after they starting dating that he thought they were on a date!

This couple pulled out all the New Orleans staples- Second line, brass bands, mardi gras indians, the 610 stompers… in a concert venue! Make sure to check out the highlight to see these rock stars have the total New Orleans styled wedding (and those sweet moves from the 610 stompers!)

Vendor love:
A. Brooke Casey Weddings – designer and coordinator
Mark Eric – photography
Firefly Ambiance – lighting
Small Chalk – invitations
Em Fresh Art Designs – wedding day signage
Alert Transportation – transportation
610 Stompers – entertainment
Bag of Donuts – reception music
Kinfolk Brass Band – jazz band
Dazzle Doll – makeup
Trista Vanderhoff – hair
Kathy Anderson – green screen

New Orleans wedding with Addie and Luke

We often recommend to our couples to bring us to their rehearsal dinners. Some of the most heartfelt speeches are delivered in an intimate setting, and Addie & Luke’s wedding was no exception. It was hard not to get swept away with emotion when spending the weekend with this couple. The love they have for each other, as well as their friends and family, radiated through both of them. Congratulations, Addie & Luke! We were so honored to be a part of your beautiful wedding weekend, and we wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness!

Vendor love//
Photographer – Brocato Photography
Rehersal Dinner – Southern Yacht Club
Ceremony- Holy Name of Jesus Church
Reception- Orleans Club
Florist – Pick-A-Petal
Photobooth – GoGo Booth
Live Painter: Alex Harvie
Dress – Moonlight
Cake: Flour Power

Kathy & Varun’s Vietnamese and Hindu wedding

This past weekend, the Montoto Productions crew filmed a beautiful blending of two completely different cultures. Kathy, who is Vietnamese, and Varun, who is Indian, celebrated each of their heritages with a Buddhist and Hindu ceremony. They also had a fusion of traditions like the lion dance, baraat, Henna Party, and a Sangeet. Watching two completely different cultures embrace each other and party as one was one of the coolest experiences we were able to be a part of. This wedding was a same day edit, so we were able to show this highlight at the end of the reception. We rarely get to see our couple’s reactions when they see their wedding trailer, so being able to show them that night was a real treat for all of us!

When we asked the couple how they met, Kathy said “We are both physicians and met in New Orleans as residents at Ochsner Medical Center in 2011. I was in my first year of residency, and Varun in his last. We were on the same residents’ team covering the night service for the hospital. After we finished our rotation, the whole team went out on the town to celebrate, and Varun and I kept in touch after that.”

How he proposed: “Varun proposed to me on April 19, 2015 – We had planned to visit some of Varun’s extended family in Dubai, and stopped by Germany en route to Dubai. Little did I know that Varun had completely planned out this elaborate overseas proposal!! We spent our first few days visiting the small town of Fussen at the border of southern Germany and Austria, where you get a complete view of the Alps. It was breathtaking! I was told that we would be taking a private tour of Neuschwanstein Castle. We took a horse carriage ride up a mountain to the castle, with the beautiful German countryside within view. The castle was built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria, who constructed the castle to embody the romanticism of the medieval times, and later served as the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty’s castle. Once there, we were taken into an opera hall within the castle with completely golden walls and chandeliers. Next thing I know opera music begins to play, the tour guide disappears, I turn around and Varun is down on one knee. He could not have planned it out any better, and things couldn’t have gone more perfectly.”

Congrats to our newlyweds, Kathy & Varun! We had an absolute blast at your wedding, and we wish you nothing but all of the happiness in the world.

Vendor love:
Coordinator: Wink Designs and Events
Photographer (Hindu Ceremony): Sarah Mattix Photography
Photographer (Buddhist Ceremony: Marissa Lambert Photography
Buddhist Ceremony: Tam Bao Temple
Hindu Ceremony & Reception: New Orleans Marriott
Florist: Bella Blooms Floral
Photobooth: Envog Photobooth
Snowball Stand: Mr. Snowball
Bride’s Wedding dress: Lazaro
Groom’s Suit: Fellow Suits
Decor: Event Rental
Firefly Ambiance
Decor to Remember
Fancy Faces Decor
Dance floor logo: AD Event Group
Cake: Chasing Wang
Makeup & Hair: Lynna Vo, Ali Vasquez, Cat Vo
Music: DJ Shivvy (One2 Entertainment)
Jupji Singh
See-Hear Productions
Horse for Baratt: Mid City Carriage
Lion Dance: Chua Bo De Lion Dance Team

vietnamese hindu wedding

Ashley and Brook’s Baton Rouge Wedding

Ashley and Brook’s amazing wedding in Baton Rouge at St. Joseph Cathedral. KBCook weddings put on an awesome event that was topped off by Bag O Donuts, one of our favorite bands of all time. We would like to congratulate Ashley and Brook and wish you all the happiness in the world!

Planner – KBCook Weddings
Photographer – Colin Richie
Church – St. Joseph Cathedral
Venue – City Club
Entertainment – Bag O Donuts
Organist – Robbie Giroir
String Trio – Magnolia Strings
Florist – Lance Hayes
Make up – Megan Elizabeth Higginbotham
Hair – Toni Schexnayder
Invitations – Paper N Things
Bridal Shoppe – Town and Country NOLA
Rentals – Event Rental
Transportation – Limo Livery

City Club Wedding

Jillian and John Mark’s Nottoway Plantation Wedding

“Where do I start? How about the day we met. I had just started my first internship as a chemical engineer at my current company and was on my second day of the job when John Mark walked in with donuts for me and my fellow intern. I should have known then what type of thoughtful person he was, but I was too busy wrapped up into looking at my just posted grades from LSU and a little upset from them, that I barely spoke to him. He later told me that he thought I was one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen, but I didn’t seem very friendly at that moment haha. We quickly became very good friends along with our other intern and spent all of our days together at work. Both John Mark and myself were in not so perfect long term relationships, so the thought of being more than friends never crossed my mind. It ended up to where we both ended our relationships on our own for different reasons during our internship and John Mark asked me to go on a date. This was the first time I pictured him being more than just a friend and I wondered why I hadn’t thought about it before. We hit it off immediately, and I was quite certain that I had found one of the most perfect matches for me that God could have ever created!

The next year was like a whirlwind while we made our long distance relationship bloom, who says it can’t be done? While I was in Baton Rouge attending LSU and he was at McNeese, we made sure that we saw each other every weekend and anytime either one of us had a break. John Mark got to experience his first LSU football and baseball game and we enjoyed each other’s company hanging out in Baton Rogue. I never seemed to get tired of him or spending all of our time together, so I knew he was the one, and I knew he knew I was the one. haha. Our love grew deeper and I knew he was going to ask me one day to be his wife.

As we were preparing to go on our cruise to Mexico, John Mark sneakingly asked my mother if it was alright for him to ask me to marry him. I wish my dad was still here for him to meet, but it might actually have turned out differently if he would have had to ask my dad for my hand in marriage! Haha! 😉

While we were on the cruise deep in the Gulf of Mexico, it was the formal night and we were both dressed up to the tee. John Mark looked so handsome in his cream suit and tie and I had on a matching Gatsby style dress. During dinner I could tell John Mark was acting a little weird, especially when he excused himself to go to the bathroom, but I didn’t really think twice about it. After dinner we were walking around the boat and he asked me if I wanted to go upstairs to the top deck. I obliged, but had to keep stopping because my fancy high heel shoes to go with my formal gown were killing my feet. We sat down on the deck right below the top deck so I could rest and he kept asking if we could get up and go to the very top of the boat. I told him to wait because of my feet and then very uncharacteristically of him he got up and said “Fine! I’m going back to the room.” I sat there on that bench for a minute trying to figure out what had just happened and decided to follow him back to the room. After I painstakingly made my way back downstairs (because of these terrible shoes!) I opened the door to our cabin and there John Mark was on one knee with the most beautiful ring I had every seen! I immediately busted out into tears realizing that I had messed up his perfectly planned proposal. He had left during dinner to get the ring and had wanted to go up to the top deck underneath the stars to propose to me because he knew how much I loved stars! After hugging and crying for a moment together I realized I never had said yes and then told him that I would be happy to spend the rest of my life with him!

Is he the one? Absolutely. Does he make me happier than I ever imagined I could be? Absolutely. Am I excited to start this new chapter of marriage in my life? Absolutely.”

Planner – Angela Marie Events
Venue – Nottoway Plantation
Photography – Bray Danielle Photography
Entertainment – The Kadillacs
Dress – Lazaro
Shoes – Emmy London Shoes
Jewelry – Sara Gabriel
Veil – Ines Di Santo
Boutique – Ivory Bridal Atelier
Florist – Bee’s Wedding and Event Designs
Bakery – Ambrosia
Makeup – Verde Beauty
Rentals – Timeless Rentals
Quartet – The Original Magnolia String Quartet


Ayushi & Neel’s elegant wedding at the Ritz Carlton in New Orleans

One of the coolest parts of our job is seeing how different cultures celebrate love. This beautiful Indian wedding was in the heart of the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana. Make sure to check back in a few months to see Neel’s identical twin brother’s wedding!

Planner – The One Event
Venue – The Ritz Carlton
Decor – Elegant Affair
Photography – Jessica Janae
Entertainment – Dhol Beats International
Mendhi – Spa on Severn
Horse – Cascade Stables
Carriages – Mid City Carriages

Indian Wedding New Orleans

Wedding at St. Joseph’s Chuch in New Orleans with Mei and Hieu

Mei and Hieu took their first trip together 2 years ago to England and France. They enjoyed everything about it especially Provence. So the theme of their wedding is the French countryside. Since Hieu is the talented one in the relationship they decided for him to make their own invitations and church programs. He drew all the flowers, embossed and hand painted all 200 invitations.

“We became friends during undergrad at Xavier University. We met through mutual friends. Hieu and I were in our own relationships at the time. When both ended, we became closer as friends and decided to be more than friends. We have many small funny moments throughout our relationship. Hieu is the talented and carefree one in the relationship. I just help him reach items on the top shelf =D. Hieu doesn’t know how to wrap presents so instead he used 2 different colored post-it notes to wrap a large box. According to Hieu, cats have a favorite fruit…it’s a persimmon.
11.12.13: Hieu and I went out to dinner with close friends and family at Mondo. After dinner, Tim Pham invited us to join him at the Lakefront to help him scout the area for his next photoshoot. This was probably the coldest and windiest night I can remember. We all arrived and got out the car. Before I knew it, everyone formed a close circle around Hieu and I and backed away. Music started playing and he took my hand. Hieu’s brother placed a small pillow on the cement and Hieu got on one knee and said a few things before he popped the question.” – Mei & Hieu

Key Vendors:
Preparations – Q & C Hotel New Orleans
Ceremony – St. Joseph’s Church on Tulane
Reception – Crystal Palace
Photographer – Ardent Studio
Entertainment – Allot Entertainment
Bridal gown – Berta
Reception dress – Stella York
Bridal boutique – Blanc Bridal New Orleans
Florist – Bella Blooms
Wedding cake – Melissa’s Fine pastries

St. Joseph Church New Orleans

Wedding at Four Columns in New Orleans with Dianna and Dudley

Dudley and Dianna are truly kids at heart. They are both very easy going and love to make each other laugh. They met through a friend at a club called Republic. However, neither showed an interest in each other. Three months later, they met again at Metropolitan through another friend, and it was then that they decided to give each other a chance. Dianna actually took her best girlfriend Van on their first date together. They kept it simple, starting off at Hooters and having their palms read by a Wizard in front of the St. Louis Cathedral. Seven years later, Dudley proposed to Dianna at the St. Louis Cathedral by making her do a caricature drawing with him. The picture drawn showed Dudley proposing to Dianna. She was oblivious to what was happening until Dudley got down on one knee.

It was an amazing story, and we love that our couples take the time to share them with us. Congratulations to Dianna and Dudley!

Key Vendors:
Preparations – The Jon Vaccari House
Photography – Art De Vie
Wedding Coordinator – Diem Le
Wedding/Reception – The Four Columns
Band- Dplay Band
Wedding Cake- Chasing Wang
Florist – Bella Blooms
Dress Shop – Natasha Marie Bridal


Four Columns Wedding

Wedding at Brandon Hall in Natchez with Sara and Patrick

Sara and Patrick’s wedding at Brandon Hall in Natchez, MS was nothing short of spectacular. They had known each other their entire lives. He says he tried to ask her out in 2011, but she doesn’t really remember. He asked her to dinner over a year ago and she tried to say no but he persisted.
He proposed to her at the base of the waterfall on Uncle Tom’s Trail in Yellowstone Park after walking down 300 steps! She said it was gorgeous, but she thought neither of them would make it back up! :-))

Key Vendors:
Brandon Hall Plantation
B. Flint Photography
YZ Ealey
Edna’s Cake Creations

Brandon Hall Natchez

Lake Tahoe Wedding with Demi and Jimmy

Demi and Jimmy had often joked about going away somewhere to get married. After a while, their joke became a reality. We were honored and privileged to follow them to Lake Tahoe, California, to capture their winter wonderland wedding. It was quite a stunning 3 day trip with all of the amazing sights, sounds and experiences to remember for a lifetime.

Preparations – Northstar Resort California
Ceremony – Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Incline Village
Reception – Ritz Carlton Lake Tahoe
Photographer – Kayla Barker – Photographer
Entertainment- DJ Brock Weddings
Florist & Design- A Bud and Beyond
Musicians – Avalance Duo

Lake Tahoe Weddings

Immaculate Conception wedding in New Orleans with Nicole and Jake

The wedding of Nicole and Jake in New Orleans was an amazing event. Preparations were filmed at the Ritz Carlton downtown. Nicole’s bouquet contained lockets of her late grandmother and aunt. After we walked right across the street to the church. The priest was the grooms high school principal and the vestments were all from the grooms side of the family. NOLA Bash did all the event design and planning for the day. When the ceremony was over the guests were surprised with custom hankie holders designed by the bride for a second line parade. The reception finished off the night with the Gumbo Trio playing the night away. The bride and groom passed out favors(Garrett’s Popcorn) from Chicago which were a nod to the grooms college years and the bride loves popcorn.

Preparations/Reception – The Ritz Carlton New Orleans
Ceremony – Immaculate Conception
Wedding Design/Coordination – NOLA Bash
Photographer – Studio Tran
Entertainment- The Gumbo Trio
Florist- Bella Blooms
Dress- Austin Scarlett
Bridesmaids Dresses- Jim Hjelm
Bridal Shop- Kleinfield’s New York City

Immaculate Conception Jesuit Church

Southern Oaks Plantation wedding with Robyn and Jordan

Robyn and Jordan came down to New Orleans for a destination wedding and invited family and friends to join them at the beautiful Southern Oaks Plantation. They got ready and had their first look at the Ritz Carlton on Canal street, downtown New Orleans. Robyn was telling us a story about how her and Jordan met through her brother-in-law. He had insisted they meet so they went on a blind date a year and a half before and never looked back. Jordan proposed to her in Napa Valley on her 29th birthday at Frank Family Vineyards on the back porch of the winery. Although her sister and brother-in-law both knew the whole time, they kept the birthday surprise a big secret! It was the best weekend of my life she said.

We love amazing stories, and were happy to play a tiny part in their amazing day in New Orleans. From all of us at MP-CINEMA, we wish them every happiness in the world!!

Preparations/First look – Ritz Carlton Downtown New Orleans
Ceremony/Reception – Southern Oaks Plantation
Photography- Mark Eric Photography
Entertainment – Ernie Vincent and the Top Notes
Wedding Cake – The Royal Cakery
Florist- Nola Flora

Southern Oaks Plantation weddings

A Houmas House wedding with Jessica and Terry

Amazing Houmas House wedding of Jessica and Terry. The rain started right before the main event but that wasn’t going to hamper such a beautiful ceremony. The staff at Houmas house quickly moved everything inside and the ceremony went off without a hitch. The rest of the evening went as planned starting off with the traditional Chinese tea ceremony. We want to congratulate Jessica and Terry and wish them all the happiness in the world.

Ceremony & Reception – Houmas House Plantation

Photography – Courtney Dellafiora

Event Designer – Posh Productions

Florist – Heroman’s Florist

Cake – Fairy Dust Cakes

Dress – Jasmine Couture


TaRhonda and Lawrence | Shaw Center Wedding

The Beautiful Shaw Center wedding of TaRhonda and Lawrence in Downtown Baton Rouge. TaRhonda and Lawrence have an amazing story. They met each other when they were 15. Went on the junior senior prom together and now at 29 they will spend the rest of their lives together.

Ceremony – St. Paul Catholic Church

Reception – Shaw Center Downtown Baton Rouge

Photography – Collin Richie Photography

Florist – Heroman’s Florist

Cake – Sweet Ideas the cake shoppe

Bride’s Dress – Pearl’s Place in New Orleans

Shaw Center Wedding - TaRhonda Lawrence